Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Inviting the Savior In

Hi There, I had a great time at the renewal services with Pastor Nail. He spoke again on the Holy Spirit and Pastor Jeter is going to continue the series. Three things usher in the Holy Spirit, your words, your works, and your worship. He will not come unless He is invited. Since the Spirit resides in each of us then He can be asked into the situation or conversation at any time. The first thing you do is ask. Your words will reflect your heart. As Pastor Judi always, always, over and over and over tells us ya gotta put it in there. If your heart and head are filled with scripture then when you open your mouth Jesus should spill out. Where your thoughts go there also go your words. The Spirit cannot work in a negative environment. The enemy can. If you notice once a negative thought is verbalized it is followed by many more. That is because once you utter the first negative statement the enemy focuses your mind on it. It will take a concious decision to stop those negative words. Pastor Judi and Dr. West said to grab them quickly with a follow up statement " In the name of Jesus I rebuke those words," or "In the name of Jesus we do not accept that." God created this world to work on the words we pronounce into the airwaves. He spoke the universe into existance and He created this world and everything in it with His words. When you speak you either give God through the Holy Spirit the tools to work or you give the enemy tools to work with. Liken it to the Living Water Jesus spoke about, if you put mud in the water and offer it to another to drink then they will no longer want what you are offering.

This is the same with your actions. Your heart will direct your actions. If you participate in a ministry whether you are doing a food give away, a project for another or just giving someone a hand with something, if you are not truly happy doing it then God can't bless your work, the people you are helping will sense your attitude, and the enemy wins. Even in your good deed---the enemy wins! Why, because it was not done in the Spirit of God! That is why Christ said your deeds will not get you into the Kingdom, your relationship with Christ will, it will also motivate you to do the deeds. In my studies Psalm 119 tells us that we will find joy in the laws and precepts of God. It will not be a chore to do the comandments of the Word you will actually want to do them and it will be a way of life for you.

The more I study the more I enjoy dining at the banquet table of our Heavenly Father. I know that I am craving more of what He has for me. The Spirit of the living God resides in all Christians and the power is available to all of us. The catch is we have to choose to tap into it. God gave us the power of choice. Many religions teach predestination or some form of it. I do not believe we have no choice otherwise why would God say to ask of Him. He tells us to ask for strength, for wisdom, for discernment all things we need to make choices. I do believe God knows what choice we are going to make. He knows every breath we take and every thought we think. God is not on a time table we are. Still He will intervene when we ask and when it furthers the Kingdom. When we ask the Spirit of the Lord to guide us He will. We will find joy in doing good, in doing His will. Never my friend get too busy to ask the Spirit to guide you. Invite Him into everything you do because when you do it becomes a work of the Lord. He will receive the glory and you will not be doing it in your own strength.

In the name of Jesus, and ever in pursuit of Zoe,

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